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School of Art & Humanities


School of Art & Humanities

As a student of the humanities and social sciences, you will study human culture, society, and the relationships among individuals within society from a number of different perspectives.

Our humanities courses include literature, history, archaeology, and Irish studies and our suite of social science courses include psychology, economics, political science, and sociology. Courses. are offered at graduate, postgraduate, and Diploma level.

School of Art & Humanities

S. No. Course Name Duration Eligibility Fee Per Sem Admission Fee
1 BA (All Subjects) 3 Years 10+2 Rs. 5,000/- 1100/-
2 MA (All Subjects) 2 Years Graduation Rs. 5,000/- 1100/-
3 BA (Honours) 3 Years 10+2 Rs. 5,000/- 1100/-
4 BA (Additional Subjects) 1 Year Graduation Rs. 5,000/- 1100/-
5 BSW 3 Years 10+2 Rs.5,000/- 1100/-
6 MSW 2 Years Graduation Rs. 10,000/- 1100/-

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